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Your favourite online table games (either still around or defunct)

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What are  your favourite online table games that you play, (or used to)?



1. Power Blackjack (Defunct). Not the game by this name that Evolution put out which is  completely different. This game had the "push on  dealer 22" mechanic, As compensation for that you could get a second chance if you doubled on hard 9, 10 or 11 and got a bad card and you could split any hard 15 or 16. My absolute favourite table game I've ever played, but it's been gone for years.

2. Pontoon (Defunct) Doesn't seem to be anywhere around any more. Dealer has no up card and wins ties, but pontoons (even after split) and 5 card tricks pay 2:1. You can double at any time then still take cards afterwards.

3. e.g Blackjack Surrender (Playtech)    Basically online blackjack that follows these rules: you can double on any 2 cards, you can double after split, dealer peeks for BJ on 10s and aces, you can surrender your hand. Playing BJ you want all the edges.

4. 9UP Blackjack. Only available on the jackpotjoy group of companies as far as I can tell. You pay an extra 20% and your first card is guaranteed to be a 9, 10 or A. If you win the hand with a BJ you get the 20% fee back.

5. Free Chip Blackjack (Playtech)  If dealer shows 10 valued card and busts the hand pushes; if player stands on 17 and dealer busts it's a push. As compensation, player wins on player 2-card 17 vs dealer 17 and can also split for free (not 10s) and double 9 10 11 for free. I prefer it to Evolution's similar "Free Bet Blackjack" because you can keep splitting and doubling, whereas with FBB you get 1 split and you're done.


I like a lot more games, may add more later: What are your favourite table games, especially those you don't see on LGiaS?



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Some more I like


Sette E Mezzo: Single 40 card deck game, 1-7, Jack Cavalier, King. Need to get 7.5. Picture cards worth 0.5, kning of coins wild, dealer stands on 5.


Peek Baccarat

Double Attack Blackjack (Defunct) This was a fun game. You see your first card before dealers upcard and can double your bet then, you can double again as normal later , bringing it up to 4x. Full surrender and hitting on split aces. Only advantage for dealer is removal of 10-pip cards. 

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