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Did Luckydays-casino scam me?

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Hello guys, not that active in here but in the chat of @LetsGiveItASpin you can find me pretty much every stream..

So my story is the following..
I deposited 3000kr and got 3000kr from luckydays.se. Plan was to convert the total balance of 6k x30(180.000sek) and it started of good.
On tuesday I managed to get up to 11k and before I went to sleep I got up to 27k.
The following day I was wagering good and suddenly I hit huge on "el-paso" and got win of 95.000kr on a 35kr bet.
So far so good, I continued to wager on 20-30kr spins and was at 60%+ done with a balance of 119.000kr. 

The same night I went in on San Quentin and started to buy max-bonuses there for 2kr/bet which is 4000kr per buy, after the first buy I noticed that the wager-bar was going up so I bought 5-6 in total thinking everything was alright.
The wager was almost done by now and I was playing basegame at 20kr to finish the last percentage of the wager and then I did a huge misstake when I wanted to buy one more bonus as I did before on 2kr(total 4000kr).
It all happened so fast that I didn't notice it was still on 20sek and the buy was 40.000kr. It paid back 21.000sek and now the wager was more than done..
I had 89.000kr which I cashed-out in a heartbeat feeling both happy and angry.

I asked their live-chat earlier today and they said that the money should be on my bank-account on friday since it takes 24-hours to process. 
Few hours later I get an e-mail which says that they have confiscated my money and I can't do anything further.
It basically just said that I broke the rule down below and that was it. 
I'll post it on swedish but it says that you can lose your money and not that you will if this rule is broken.
I also want to add that when you read it, it's unclear according to me and I'm a pretty experienced slot-player.

(Regel: 6.3.5 - Max insats per runda med bonussaldo är 50 kr. Denna regel inkluderar även "Bonus Buy" om en insats blir gjord för att trigga ett bonusspel. Vänligen notera att du kan förlora din vinst som härrör en bonus ifall denna regel inte följts.)

When I read this before I started, and even now I understand it as that I could play up to 50kr/spin and could buy bonuses up to that bet-amount. 
Are there even any bonuses that you can buy for the amount of 0.50kr x100 so it's 50kr buys. Answer is NO.
In my opinion this is a contradictory rule, and it makes no sense.
Every bonus that you can buy is basically x100, that's why I thought it was OK to buy max-bonuses on 2sek(4000kr total) on San Quentin.

I understand that they can cancel my cash-out but I can't believe how they just can take all my money like that.
When you look at the pattern of how I was playing then I did correct in 90% of the time before my misstakes.

Is there any chance I could return to the point before the bonus-buys with the same balance and wager?
I had a guaranteed cashout of atleast 40.000kr+ before the bonus-buys - why would I ruin it in purpose. 

 These lesser-known casinos just exploit your misstakes when you hit big, but when they fuck up they rarely get punished.

Can anyone give me any advice of what to do, or help me with this battle. I feel really bad after all that hard work.

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Don't do bonus buys with bonus money, if you look at the history it doesn't show a bonus buy as 100x 2kr bets, it shows as 1 x 4000kr bet - their system just automatically checks the history to see if you bet over 50kr a spin and a bonus buy will always show as well over the max allowed bet.

If there is a max allowed bet then don't do bonus buys, there is no nuance or shades of grey in this system, just black and white - the casino won't change the way it works, why would they, it is beneficial for them to keep it the way it is.

They also don't care if it was intentional or not, partially because there is no benefit in them trying to determine what is a genuine mistake and what is accidental, there is no way for them to know if you did it on purpose or not - everyone gets painted with the same brush.

Just the way it is. I learnt this by forfeiting around £5k by playing £1k bonus buys on White Rabbit - was completely oblivious to the T&C's at the time, was way over the broken down per spin value the bonus buy represented but it makes no difference- a 100x £1 bonus buy is, as far as the casino is concerned, 1 spin at £100.

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