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Hampus loves to burn money.


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Hampus lives to burn Kim's money. 

100% fact that if he was playing with a 50% bullet he will not be constantly wasting money on constantly buying bonuses then celebrating a small win even though he has spunked 4k to win 1k, genius!

I'm sure some mods are fed up as you hardly see any of them on YouTube.

Also hampus is a sheep, Kim comes out with that "what" meme and hampus constantly says it, Kim comes out with that silly rococo gallo saying, hampus than says it. 

Plunderland is a massive slot, you guess it hampus the sheep copies 

Hampus get a life.

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Hey Neil,

just to let you know if you don’t like it you don’t have to watch but I’m sure hampe appreciates the kind words mate and I’m sure you have never used a meme someone else has used before. Cracking complaint from a man named Neil. 

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1 minute ago, Baker said:

Bless you henzo, stop licking arse you will not become a mod.

Don’t want to be a mod just don’t get why big bad Neil is piping up for literally no reason. Seem a right laugh you would love to have a friend like you

if I wanted to be a mod this isn’t the way to go about it.

but you didn’t answer the question are you bald and from the UK ? Curious that’s all 

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Oh really my bad didn’t realise you was been sarcastic at all! See my mistakes happen after a few alcoholic drinks so i edit them to make them right. You seen a great guy though so let me know if you ever want a pint bet you are a right laugh! 

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