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Blanco no longer employed by LetsGiveItASpin/CasinoGrounds


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So sad to hear blanco has left the stream, I hope that he does get chance to pop by every now and then. 

Health comes first in life and I would just like to thank blanco for giving me some great laughs when I’ve had a bad day, it was always good to be able to switch the stream on and just chill out and forget about the everyday struggles 


Best of luck in the future blanco (you massive dosser) 

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Sad to see you leave full-time streaming Blancobro... many fun streams and always so much energy from you! 

As many have said on here, your health is always number 1 priority. 

I wish you all the best in the future and look forward to your guest appearances on the stream.

Good luck you big dosser...! 😀

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That's really very sad, the stream has already become a part of my life somewhere and a great balance to everyday life. Blanco really is an exceptionally great guy. But health comes first. I hope we'll see each other again sometime in life, preferably over a beer in sunny Malta.
take care blanco

much love x

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On 15/06/2022 at 16:01, LetsGiveItASpin said:

I don't want to make it into a public spectacle when it's about one of my best friends but I'll add the clip here where I talk a bit about it:

We all love him and want the best for him ❤️


Very sad to hear, assumed he’d left but missed this…..what a legend 💪 look forward to seeing him back as a guest 

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Blanco was the reason I started watching your live streams,he just had a certain likeability that shone through the screen.

Him leaving seemed to come right out of the blue,one minute he's there the next minute he's left.

Whatever is going on in his person life I just hope he's ok.Im sure we've all had some dark times in life,and eventually got through it,as I'm sure Blanco will.

If you see this Blanco,all the best👍

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