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William Hill Issue

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2 weeks ago I tried logging into my account and it says it was locked. I go on live chat and they tell me that my self exclusion will be up in a few days and i will be able to log on.... I have been playing on william hill for the last 3 years and never excluded myself.

I tried to get an answer but live chat on william hill is as much use as tits on a bull. I think they mentioned i am excluded on a partner site i.e Mr Green. Anyway now that the so called self exclusion i up I am now not allowed to play on either site due to safe gambling. Im so confused

if they are goin to be like that how come i have been able to play for the last few years and they only exclude me when time was coming up. Surely they were not following the rules.

Do i just give up?

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They hold all the cards son , i am with William Hill and with Bet365  , I once questioned WH about the lack of base game play on their slots as i was playing several days in a row and seemed to be getting little back in return  ,  They took my question as a sign of weakness i think and offered Gamstop etc etc  , i am well in control of what i spend on slots but they seemed to think otherwise all due to a valid question .   Needless to say i haven't asked them a question since    🙂   How did you end up  ?

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Agreed Biggestdosser  ,  i do a bet with WH most days on horse racing distance betting , the moment the selection reaches my betting slip the odds are reduced  , remove it from the betting slip and it goes back to the original price shown , place it back on the betting slip and it reduces agian  !!    the ironic thing about this is that they give you a boosted tool to use which enhances the price but the fact they reduce the price for no reason when it hits your slip really makes the so called boost totally useless and of no value whatsoever  .....     soz for the long story but its just 1 example of many on how the common punter is being ripped off daily  ,  all the best Biggest      🙂

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