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Responsible Gambling: Reality & Danger...

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Please don't take this as me preaching right or wrong this is my own personal perceptions of an ongoing issue - A dangerous one and that's problem gambling. 

If your not a problem gambler then this isn't the post for you. 

Remember if your a problem gambler firstly in the long run your not going to win back what you've lost...The odds of this are going to be against you. Sure theres a jackpot in the midst somewhere but its random...The slots not hot or cold and its not due to pay just because its taken a large quantity of the balance. 

I've suffered first hand chasing the dragon, chasing it till I had no money left and tried to make ends meet. I often see in chats people saying "I've lost all my savings" & "Ive lost my money"...Ive then seen follow ups of people asking whether they should throw the rest of the money they have left to see if they can win it back...PLEASE DON'T. If your getting into a situation where you have nothing left you've gone way, way past the boundaries of normal gambling. 

Some streams you'll see (Non CG) will promote massive buys & beyond realistic stakes...This isn't normal. This isn't gambling...No one wakes up and feels like splashing $50k on a bonus buy. 

Please play within your means. Know when enough is enough. Know when you need to step away and don't be afraid to admit you have problem. If anyones seen me on streams you'll know im open and honest about being a problem gambler...Im not ashamed and the mistakes I've made will cost me for years to come. 

There are lots of sites out there who will protect you providing your within its jurisdiction...Use it. (Gamstop, SpelPaus) 

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. Don't chase what is already lost...It only makes the problem worse! It never gets better and it'll extend the time your getting yourself out of trouble then enjoying life ❤️ 


This isn't a lie, I could have had a lot more out of life then I have done. Make the difference, gamble responsibly and know your limits and use sites where when its time to say enough is enough they ensure that wish is made. 

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