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EUR10000 Bonus Hunt - Guess The Win! (29/04/21) Main Prize: EUR1400

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ONLY FOR SUBSCRIBERS / FOLLOWERS, if you haven't Subbed / Followed before submitting your guess it will be void.

Bonus hunt giveaway time! 😍

Guess how much all the features pay from our bonus hunt today (€10000 start). The person who guesses closest will win €1400 if the result is more than 2 times the starting amount and €100 if the result is less than 2 times the starting amount. A €100 will also be added to the next bonus hunt's giveaway if today's result in less than 2 times the starting balance.

In order to participate you have to have an account and enter the e-mail to one of the casinos (no deposit needed):


Simply enter your guess, casino and e-mail in the widget below. If you don't fill out the form fields completely, your entry will be void

LGIAS Bonus Hunt
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