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El Paso Gunfight xNudge (NoLimit City)

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Hey all,

today I got mail from Caxino, Wheelz and Wildz casino, that the new Nolimit City slot  
El Paso Gunfight xNudge (Nolimit City) has been released in their casino group, exclusively for a limited time.

I received some no deposit free spins, free spins for deposits, and an offer to join a promo for getting big wins on this game.
Please check out your mail and relevant casino accounts for these offers.

Some early game impressions after having played this game for a good hour:
Sounds, graphics and theme:
- the theme is Western again, so no points for originality there.
But this game could be seen as third installment of the Western series after Tombstone and Deadwood, both of which are excellent games.
Sounds & Graphics: loving all of it! Really outstanding. 

Basegame: at the click of a switch the volatility can be changed from high (4-3-3-3-2) to extreme (2-3-3-3-4).
Lookout to land three bonus symbols on the middle three reels (triggers fairly frequent I think) , drop a Stoudenmire x-Nudge symbols to get a 2x-4x wild reel,
or land the deputy or sheriffs badge to convert all low or high symbols to one random of the low or high symbols.
Pretty good if you ask me.
Bonus game / bonus buy game: all bonuses can be triggered from the base game and the more expensive bonuses can also be upgraded from the cheaper bonus games, except the 4 dead in 5 seconds bonus.
For some of the bonus games the volatility can be chosen, and there is also a random bonus buy feature. 

All in all 8 or 9 bonus variants, which is awesome.

RTPs may vary based on low-high setting and for the bonuses, from about 94.5 up to 96.x percent.

Based on limited play I think this is an excellent slot, would rate it 5 out of 5 stars.

I am not sure how this one will age, but might be best NLC release of the year so far.

Very well done Nolimit City!


I bought all bonuses to check them out, will upload the clips in 4 parts. Real money, no bonuses or other incentives involved.
Part 1,  also includes 20 base game spins 😀






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Thanks for recording @vanHooff! Since the replay feature doesn't work I was curious.
Gonna watch the replay of Slotspinners stream aswell. 😄

This is probably the best release this year. The slot offers a lot of variety, Finally another NLC game with great basegame potential!
I like the 'random buy' aswell. Was already hoping for this or a slight chance at top feature ( like 1%) on cheaper buys.

This is a very generous promo!

Managed a 100€ balance of freespins twice already, but the base burned them whole 🤪.

My best result so far (base game trigger):


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Some more in-depth feedback for the game.

Although I think the look & feel for this game are really great and this game could be a GOTY contender, in my opinion it has a real serious gameplay flaw. 

I would like to play the most expensive bonus buy: Drunken Gundfiguth&r... Spins bonus game, 10 spins for 800x.

But considering the following, for me personally the gameplay experience is ruined.

There are (at least) two obvious problems with this bonus:

  1. exactly one Stoudenmire (sticky or not) in ten spins happens way too often.
  2. that Stoudenmire appears in spin number 9 way too often and is sticky too often.
    He probably does not show often enough in spins 1,2,3,4,5 . Not sure about spins 6,7,8 and 10 yet.

From a test sample of 50 bonus buys on Unibet 800*0,25 = EUR 200 playmoney per bonus buy, I have the following results:
Average return on EUR 200 Bonus buy: EUR 223,46

Stoudenmire    count
0                                4
1                              41
2                                5


Stoudenmire appearing exactly once in the nineth spin: 28 times 



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