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Bushido (Nolimit City)


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Hey all,

Nolimit City have brought us 3 great games in 2021 with San Quentin, East Coast vs West Coast and Fire in the Hole,
so I was very excited to find their newest release: Bushido 

There is no Casinogrounds slot page yet to leave your personal rating for this game.
The features of the game are showcased on the https://www.nolimitcity.com/games/bushido-ways-xnudge/ page and on  their  Youtube Channel:

Some early user feedback, after having played this game for a good hour:

Graphics, sound & theme:
I love the Japanese theme and appreciate the sound & graphics.

Sound & graphics are good, but unfortunately not quite as good as the aforementioned 2021 releases.
Apart from the big win sequences there are few if any extra (humorous) animations or sound effects.

The animations when the Geisha drops in for X-nudge seemed not as good to me as when it drops in in other NLC games (Barbarian Fury, Deadwood)
Also I had a couple of game crashes during the bonuses.

Game mechanics: the game features X-nudge, sliced wilds and Ono transform.
The last two mechanics are new but not particularly innovative or exciting.

Gameplay: the gameplay in the base game is a bit boring.
You'd be looking to get 3 bonus symbols and possibly the Geisha symbol at the same time.
Other than the Oni transform, there is no little extra for 2 bonus symbols.

Bonuses: the two bonus features are the regular Shogun bonus (buy for 75x) and the Geisha bonus (buy for 700x)
At least one wild symbol per spin is guaranteed. Bonus symbols expand to the bottom row before getting multiplied by Sliced Wilds.

The Shogun Bonus can be upgraded with Geisha bonus spins when that symbol drops in, but for getting Oni bonus symbols only 1 extra spin is rewarded in either bonus game. 

Also I found it disappointing that in the Geisha bonus, the X-nudge multiplier is determined for the entire bonus game before the first spin.
If the Geisha drops full real, you start with 8 spins *1 multiplier. If it drops top or bottom reel, you start the bonus with 12 spins *4 multiplier.
This difference seems too big.

Overall, I think this game is above average and would rate it 3/5 stars.

I have played a couple of hundred base game spins, bought a few dozen of Shogun bonuses and bought the Geisha bonus only once.
I had a great start to the bonus !


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As soon as you posted that Leo had credited the prizes in the winner thread, i rushed over to check out this new Nolimit basterd:)

Love it, coincedentally Feudal Japan is about my favorite timeperiod ever, as i just love the whole philosophy and always imagined living there, in that time, would be epic! 😛

That said, i think it's a great game, and on graphics etc. i can only say not everyone likes humorous themes and loads of gimmicks, animation etc. So it would make sense they make a few, that have less of that :)

And in this theme a bit of seriousness is fitting ^.^

I have been playing it since 2 hours or so, don't buy bonuses unless i am really up, but i managed to get a bunch already, and so far had one pretty big one (paid about 70,- on 20 cents) and a lot of low-ish ones..20x bet seems about the lowest average though. I did manage the upgrade once, on the last spin, which turned the bonus into 5 geisha spins with a 4x multiplier...

Didn't pay too  much, about 130x total, i honestly expected a bit more, but i guess you really need to trigger it with Geisha from the start.

Will definitely keep playing it, managed to get the 50 prizemoney up to 125 as of writing, here's hoping i'll be posting some epic replay soon :D

One thing's for sure, Nolimit keeps making slots i want to play, and keep playing :)  

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I’ve been spinning this one for quite a bit already on Simple/Boom (pre-release). The best I’ve managed was 1500x from the regular bonus. The base is kinda boring, but it capable of a nice win. Game feels streaky like Deadwood; make it or break it. It took me approx 15-20.000 spins to trigger my 1st Geisha (300x).

Another nice addition, but not much special. 

Myth: When a scatter lands on reel 2 & 4, the Shogun spins always trigger.

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Thanks guys for feedback, tried it myself before reading and wasn't impressed at all also. Really a hit or miss game  and so underwhelming. First NoLimit game in a while that I'm not gonna buy the max bonus. 

These high bonus buys kinda ruin the market, but even tho I have a love hate relationship with San Q this game is brilliant and I would always try a max bonus if I have the funds available. 


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1 hour ago, Janalleman said:

Myth: When a scatter lands on reel 2 & 4, the Shogun spins always trigger.

Thought that is true after hitting first one like that. second missed because of it was wild instead but third one hit after that. sad 3x bonuses tho

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I dont know what i think now.

Seriously i love all Nolimit City games, for me that is best provider, best games seriously love that..but..its not funny anymore, without bonus buys (Germany) not possible to find good bonus, NOT.With NLC in my life is like with old wife "i love you, but i hate you so much" here is my screen with "top" winnings from NLC...i think that must be divorce.So sad, dont want that, but today in bushido have 3 bonuses.. 2x  5x   8x...Its not funny anymore.People from firm, please make something with that, im not only here with this opinion.😒


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I tried $500 using 0.20 per spin bonus buys. The money lasted about 14 minutes. I’m down massive amounts of money on NoLimit City slots. I find them very dangerous. Gambling nut jobs could easily pour tens of thousands into these new slots. One bad drunken night could change a persons life. 

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