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Incredible run on T2, 2 Hot mode bonuses one after the other !


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So I always use to play Happy holidays trying to get the hot mode bonus on that, I managed to get 4 hot modes bonuses out of hundreds of bonuses. I always thought getting the hot mode bonus on T2 was much harder.

So today for the first time I was trying out T2. Bonus number 4 , I saw the red orange colour around but I still didn’t believe it was hot mode till I saw the first spin hit so big ! I was shocked. Almost 1000X. 

I took a break to celebrate, coming back 2 hours later, another bonus  , it was a normal one, but the one after that, I saw the orange colour again, I said to myself, no fucking way, 2 hot modes almost one after the other, I was so certain it can’t be that I didn’t start recording until I realised it’s fucking happening again! What an incredible run playing this slot for the first time! 



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