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Tsars - Problems


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Hi all,

Long time reader first time poster.

Wanted to get some advice off you.

Signed up with and played on Tsars last year - lost heavily and identified myself as a problem gambler, so I decided to close the account.

Messaged Tsars, told them I was closing the account and asked for it to be closed permanetly due to heavy losses. I also complained about the RTP.

Account was closed.

Relapsed yesterday and started ganmbling again, stupidly.

Went back to Tsars and had to email them to reopen the account.

They emailed back instantly and asked if I was in control of my gambling, stupidly, I said yes and asked how long it would take to reopen. The account was reopened immediately.

Fell back into my old ways and bad habits and lost heavily.

Closed the account again today.

Did a bit of research and discovered Tsars should not have reopened the account, at least not until a 24 hour cooling off period had elapsed from when I requested it reopens.

They just did it instantly.

Question: Do I have any redress here with them? They are saying I don't, they say I didn't state problem gambling when closing the account permanently, though if an account is closed permanetly due to hevavy losses it would seem intuitive that is the reason.

Secondly, they say the 24 hours is after the account has been closed, not after the player asks to reopen and as my account was closed for 2 months no 24 hour period was required.

Did some digging as they are on the Curacao licence and posted it below here:

I've asked them for an ADR but they just ignore the question and have done over several emails this morning.

To me it is very clear that the account can only be reopened 24 hours after a player requests it; however Tsars told me this:

"Please let me explain the Terms&Condition paragraph from Curacoa rules:

2.2 When the player asks you to reopen his account, you can do it 24 hours after the player’s request

It means that the reopening can happen only 24h after the account closure - not after the received request of the reopening.

Your request for closure was 2 months ago, you had 2 months cooling off period and after that, you requested reopening. Please read more carefully T&C to understand them."

Any advice on how to go about this, as it seems to be they are in breach of the rules, deliberately are ignoring my request for an ADR and quite frankly are behaving appallingly.

Thanks 🙂

Account closure/reopening

2.1 When a player in chat/ ticket asks to close his account, first of all you need to clarify the reason for that in order to determine a further action plan.

2.2 When the player asks you to reopen his account, you can do it in 24 hours after the player’s request

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