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House broken into on boxing day

Micky c

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So boxing day me and my family  went visit the family as you do for a few hours come home to find out the we had been broken into and 90% of my children's Xmas gifts stolen  also alot of other stuff !like this year hasn't been hard enough  for everyone  something like this happen all I can say is it makes my sick that some one would do this 

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21 minutes ago, Snoopdon78 said:

Micky, so sorry to hear this. Sickens me that ppl still do this. Hope you find the b*****ds and rip their heads off. Sending lots of positive thoughts to you and your family hoping you can get some of the stuff back.

Thanks mate I hoping cant really see them find the stuff but we will see just very  depressed  about the whole thing 

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