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King Billy complaint, can anyone help me ??


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I have a pending complaint with King Billy curacao license at The Pogg. They have done some real shady things and now The Pogg has informed me that they are speaking with the malta gaming committee regarding this issue. Can anyone explain if a casino has both licenses why the mga would be involved? And if a casino does have both mga and curacao license does the mga regulate anything illegal that they may have done bc its the same brand?

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to sum it up yeah they sent me edited versions of the gaming logs, which is forging documents and considered fraud, and bc I was a newbie my vip rep sent me 5 diff ways to calculate my cashback in one month! and only one of the formulas they sent was on the terms, again thats fraudulent and a scam, it was bc they didn't have to pay me the cashback I was owed. then after I complained to The Pogg they changed the cashback on their terms twice. the amount of cashback I am owed is $10, 000 CAD!!!

I was supposed to be awarded a cashback based on a formula, they sent me emails trying to convince me that I wasn't supposed to get it. but everything they emailed me I saved obviously and started doing research and found out that they committed fraud, bc they aren't allowed to touch the the gaming logs, even edit certain things out and send it to me! I have chat transcripts from their own staff that says that the calculation was supposed to be the way I thought it was. now they're refusing to pay me and The Pogg recently messaged me and said that they are taking this to the mga and but the casino is in curacao! 

so I was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of something like this before, bc the casino has both mga and curaçao licenses?

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Never mind I have found the answer:

Following the approval by Parliament of the third and final reading of the Gaming Act, the new legislative framework regulating gaming shall come into force on the 1st July 2018.  This is also accompanied with a clarification of the policy direction embraced by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) which shall underpin the implementation of the overhaul and the strengthening of the MGA’s supervisory role.

As part of this approach, it has been determined that the practice whereby games, and/or their providers, which are not licensed by the MGA or a competent authority within the EU/EEA, but licensed and offered under the purview of other jurisdictions outside the EU/EEA, on the same website as the MGA-licensed operations, or linked therefrom, will not be permissible in view of the critical regulatory risks associated therewith.  Similarly, shared wallet setups with such non-EU/EEA licensed games, whether offered on the same or different domain or sub-domain name, shall also be prohibited.

You are kindly advised that henceforth, only games supplied by holders of a critical gaming supply licence issued by the MGA, or an equivalent authorisation issued by the competent authority in another EU/EEA jurisdiction, may be offered as part of the MGA-licensed gaming service. Moreover, implementation of such a setup must in no manner prejudice other MGA requirements, inter aliathe requirements relating to protection of player funds.

Secondly, where the website of the MGA-licensed operation is also used in connection with a foreign licence, this shall be notified to the MGA forthwith, and such setup shall be allowed only in exceptional circumstances, where the MGA is satisfied that the regulatory objectives are not prejudiced thereby

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