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Just hit this big win on lil devil


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my biggest ever win , was playing at yako and hit this huge win on 50p stakes. 


Yako took a while sorting and verifying my account and 2 days later i hit this so thanks to lauren for sorting my account verification :) i so have a 2min video of the final 2 spins... had 2nnd reel full wild and 12x 12x  unfortunatly didnt have any wilds on the 5th reel though  it was a heartstopper with lizard in a bottle , i cringed when i hit the symbol on the hartstopper so goes to show it doesnt reall matter


not letting me upload vid but will look at trying to get it up to add the visual but im old and tech is lost on me :) 


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that was a huge win, congratulations. @BoracicLint I agree with you, It was so big that i moved it from big wins to epic wins 🙂

It makes me happy to see that you have cashed it out already.

I think the most easy way for you to share the video, is to upload it on youtube and then share the link here. I will then update your first post and put the video there. Please let me know if you need help with that. 

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