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Casino online is waste of time ?!? (Play on roobet)


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really, i dont understund it. I play since the last mounth for the first time experince on slots online. What ever i try, i never got over x100-150 win. I bet beetwen 0.20 - 0.80 cent. Ushelly bouns not come offten. But even when bouns round show, its going crap most of the time. even If its go "good" run , its abuve 30-40 usd at maximum.

How come its epen only for me?!? 

I see a lot of big wins at youtube from many players, and its feel i am not even close for something happy :/

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Hey @ELAD, what you usually see on YouTube is highlights of longer streaming sessions. You should be in a mindset that every time you deposit, you consider that deposit lost. Gambling should be first and foremost fun, and definitely not the way to chase wins or earn money. Also, Roobet is a website with highly questionable practices.

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