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Need help!!


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Okay so last night I signed up for a casino called spinpalace.com I put in 720$ and won 3.5k so I played it down to 3k then withdrew the 3k. I went to login soon as I woke up in the morning to find that I can’t login to my account so I contact live chat and they say your account was closed as per management’s discretion they are saying my withdrawal is still being processed so does anyone know if I will get it or not ????

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Hello and welcome. 

Adding to Casinotraveler's question: 1) Did you verify yourself with the casino ? Meaning (did you upload the relevant documents requested from the casino to be verified ? 2) Did you do or are doing any research for the casino itself ( ? If the answer of them two questions is NO then I am afraid bad news...I dont think they will allow the money to reach your account (I hope I am wrong though) Best of luck and use those points that we have mentioned for the future so you dont get scammed again. 

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