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I joined his stream this morning noticed he was doing 20 euro bets , asked if he was the new roshtien, i then say 6 months ago u were doing 3-4 euro  then the fanboys join in saying im asking stupid questions, i reply to one of the people in chat which was moderated before it was shown i called him a muppet.

bam im banned for being toxic or bad vibes,  either his ego has grown too big or he has something to hide, either way 20 euro average bet is unreal and very irresponsible imo where does it end 100 euro bets every day?

ps he is doing average 20 euro bets every day and yes he won 50 k but how long does that last with 20 euro bets, do they have a little bit of responsiblity to there viewers to act with realistic bet size?

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Hi @waynekin,

The changes in my bet sizes have nothing to do with it being "fake money". I upped the bets due to the insane luck I've been having, if you have watched most of my streams you would see that if anything I have a set amount of deposits for the stream and when the balance grows I enjoy the bigger bets more. However, it seems like that a few people can't believe or refuse to believe that I can play higher bets. If you wish I'm more than happy to provide you with proof of my deposit for this session or any other one in doubt (also withdrawals); but people coming in my channel and accusing me false things whilst showing a toxic nature in their accusations is something I won't ever tolerate (I also didn't tolerate this behaviour when I was playing a 0,2€ stake with 15 viewers). Would you have joined the stream and ask the question in normal manner then this situation would have had a different outcome.

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