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My week full of massive wins!


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8 minutes ago, geggs1 said:

It might be illogical and self defeating but when your winning, gambling makes perfect sense. The casino’s practice a kind of seduction on us but mostly we are there willing victims.

and some are just very lucky, i do not belive in skills when it comes to playing slots. But it helps to know the difference between high and low rtp and high and low volatility slots. I myself am in profit over 12000 euro this year, i only play a small bet size 0,50 - 0,80 euro pr spin, Max 50 euro deposit and max 150 euro pr month (if i loose) yesterday i made a 50 euro raw deposit and withdraw 100 euro after a few minutes of play. The money i won i used on another site to deposit with a 60% deposit bonus and got a 700 euro cashout from it. I am also playing on sites i trust so the cashout has been aproved already.

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I can tell you this will not happen again in my 6 years of gambling. This is the first time  ever, Ive won so big that I still don't believe it, it is also one of the biggest win streaks that made me stopped gambling for a while, and can say finally to start a new business for my self with the money I already had on the side. 


Ofcourse don't think you can do the same, as I can't even explain how this was even was possible to hit all these big wins!

I just like to show them!

I don't want you to think and lure you like affiliates do,

I'm just a regular non streamer who enjoys playing slots on low stakes I never have placed a bet higher then 2€ in my life! 

26 minutes ago, Igor96 said:

When you start the bad streak don’t put that money back into it. Advice of a friend.

Thank you Igor! I will take the best decisions on this, and I'm going to take a good break from slots for a while, they have processed my withdrawals aswell, and they should be arriving on Monday. 

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