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Leovegas Craps Live (Evolution)


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Today I noticed a new live online casino game in the lobby of Leovegas: Craps Live.

Now this is a great game for degens :D so I am very excited to be able to play this.

The dice are shot by a robot arm. Tons of bets are available on stakes starting at €0,50 (not sure of a max bet) with RTP of the bets ranging from 83.33% - 99.17% .

The strategy that I employed tonight, I only played the following multi-roll bets: 

  • on the come out roll: (puck says OFF)   PASS line
  • in the point phase: (puck says ON) taking the odds on the pass line, play COME and taking the odds on all numbers

If the point was rolled before seven with decent bets on the come numbers, increase stakes on the pass line.

This strategy pays when the point is rolled again before sevening out, and/or also if the come numbers are rolled repeatedly before sevening out.
Strategy is terrible when sevening out quick, and especially also when rolling come bets only once.

^^ This strategy is good for continuous action and betting is likely to get out of hand real soon employing this.

Any other craps players out here?

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Yup, played this quite a bit on Royal Panda today. I haven't found a way to turn odds off during the come out roll. I'm guessing it's not possible? I tend not to play too many Come bets - it's way too easy to get carried away and have a 1/6 chance to lose everything. I'll play 1 or 2 (with odds, of course), depending on what the point is.

It's not as exciting as the "real thing", since you don't get to shoot, and there's no craps table atmosphere, but it's still an amazing addition, and I think I'll be playing it a lot.

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