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DoA2 ( 0.09 stake) 19910x ( and some honesty )


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Well then. I didn't see this coming. I self-excluded from Unibet last week cause bonus buys on this were killing me and it was the only way I could make sure to stop buying them lol, I"m not afraid to say this game is dangerous for me when it has a bonus buy. They also have Money train on which I have the same problem... 

I am self-excluded from every website that has money train as well , luckily we only have 8 or 9 websites we are allowed to play on over here in Belgium which makes excluding yourself from the few that are dangerous easy enough. Strange how I never buy bonusses on anything else, but then those 2 games... idk what it is...

Anyway, I felt like saying that so I hope you don't mind some honesty. It's easy to get dragged into bonus buys, dunno why they are still allowed over here.

I also didn't record anything for a while, I luckily turned on the recording for this bonus after the 5th wild for the extra spins landed, didn't even get those for ages so thought I'd record another fail. Guess it wasn't a fail this time :P . And it shows you don't need bonus buys, or play 2 or 3 instances of the same slot at once. It just rolled in while I was playing a slot like intended. Sit in front of it and watch it spin, and hope for a good bonus to land. 



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