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Blackjack Suited Trips


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Took a little break from work this morning to play a bit of blackjack. I was originally at another table, but then like 6 aces came on the table at once and I decided to find another table.  Sat down at my lucky seat at my lucky table, and then suited trips hit after 4-5 hands. :D If only there was a payout for suited quads... do they even shuffle these cards? 😂


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35 minutes ago, balfour said:

Nice one! Dealer though looks like she has to pay you herself 😅

Since I have started playing blackjack on the Leovegas Sports Blackjack tables 👍, I have never looked back.


  • UK dealers. This really is tons better than dealers from certain other countries.
  • Some of the dealers are very skilled and most are pleasant people. 
  • friendly atmosphere at the tables. Banter is about sports.
  • hand shuffled decks
  • shuffling while you play, no waiting times between decks 
  • decent rules: 8 deck blackjack 99.29% sidebets Perfect Pair 95.90% and 21+3 96.30%
  • low-roll friendly stakes of EUR 5 - EUR 2500 on the main game


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