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Betwinner - Responsible Gaming fail


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HI all,  

This is a true ask for help with an issue with betwinner. I know now that this casino have a bad reputation, and I don't know I will get help,  but I will at least try. 
At least for maybe teaching them a lesson about Responsible Gaming.

I will also on this note officially stop playing, for ever.  It makes me so sad though, that I actually called out for help, and they responded, but did not comply. Why..!

Story is:

I wrote to Betwinner.com Monday the 30th of December 2019 , with the subject that I wanted to close the account,
as I have a gambling problem and that "I can’t control the spend .” 

Please see full conversation below at the end of this message. 

After I talked to them I could still deposit every day up to 2nd of January.
I actually played non-stop until all my salary was gone, in total 3090 EUR.
As you see it was big deposits and nothing was there to stop me , although I had asked for help.

After contacting them again yesterday the 2nd of January the account was finally blocked , but it was too late.
I asked them why they didn't block me like requested and asked for a refund of the deposits from after the conversation the 30th.

 They responded:

"Dear Customer,
As soon as you reported gambling problems, the possibility to place bets from your account was restricted,
then the gaming account was permanently blocked. Unfortunately, there are no grounds for the requested refund.
Best regards,

The claim that they put a restriction and blocking the account "As soon as you reported gambling problems" is false,
as I was still allowed to deposit 24 times up until the 2nd of January 2020.

Attached is the list of deposits After (and before) I requested a block (see conversation date and time and deposit date and time).

Lastely you also have a copy of the full conversation from the 30th of December 2019.



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Oops I can see that now. Thanks for noticing. Its actually the first reply from Betwinner after I asked for a limit of my account. So it should be read from the bottom and up.

Here is the full missing message

Dear Customer,

Unfortunately, the option of limiting your deposits is not available at the moment. However, the company can offer you the option to limit the amount you can stake on sports events, which will help you partially control your expenses. Please provide us with photos of your national ID card (both sides) or passport (internal spread) and specify the maximum stake amount you would like to have. We can only limit the maximum stake per bet slip.

Best regards,


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Hey @Gustaf75, unfortunately I don't think there's much you can do here. Casino is licensed in Curacao and that offers no protection for players in any way... 

If you fancy a gamble and you find another Curacao shady casino next time, think of this case - any money you'll deposit will be 99% lost, even if you win and try to request withdrawal.. Pick casinos wisely, but better yet - don't gamble at all if you have problems!


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hmm, There are casinos out their that don't have kind of social responsibility, casino is a predatory business by its very nature. You need to stay within the licences that hold casinos to account, UKGC, MGA.

I hear the MGA is a bit light but at least it gives you someone to complain too.

I normally stick to ones I see here and I always check the list of complaints on ThePogg website.

You get a feel for how the casino treats its customers by reading through the complaints as they document the complaint and show any non sensitive communication both ways.

In your case this is irrelevant as you know you have a problem and you need to be avoiding all temptation. You can PM me if you like, can relate to what you are feeling. Often the issues that drive us to compulsive behaviour stem from a lack of honest expression, can be an receptacle if you need one, time for reflection.

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Hi, thanks all for the replies. I have not heard anything from them, and dont expect them to honor my request.  I am left without money on my account this month. My own problem, but if they had blocked me as per the converstation I would still have the 3090 eur. I have blocked myself on other casinos earlier, but this curacao onr was still working (I know!) I just feel so stupid.


Thanks for listening

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This story is exactly like mine . Are in the exactly same story with them. I also have gambling problem. Tried to close, but dit loose 2000 euro in 1 day before they blocked. Why can't this casino been shut down? Do they not have to follow any rooles? 

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1 hour ago, Heipo said:

This story is exactly like mine . Are in the exactly same story with them. I also have gambling problem. Tried to close, but dit loose 2000 euro in 1 day before they blocked. Why can't this casino been shut down? Do they not have to follow any rooles? 

The only way they can be shut down is people seriously going after Curacao. Write to your MP/Local Political Rep and state this. Only political pressure can make that happen. UKGC are trying to advise google etc to ban them from there.

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