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Warlords rigged bonus

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I've nevern seen so many scatters before, so i thought i hit the jackpot, because so many multipliers just small wins would be good, but it paid incredible 80X. RIGGED :P

(i even got 4 extra scatters during the spins... ultimate rigged...)




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i played Gorilla kingdom 1 spin hit the bonus i played 7kr bet got first 15 spins ,re triggered 10 spins and 2 scatter = 3 extra spins 3-4 times + the 2 spins when you clear the stages on that freespin bonus i was on the last stage and had 15 spins left and needed 5 gorilla heads not a single 1 on 15 spins .

i won 100x on these spins ☹️ .

always these teases and not a really big win!

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I was playing a 24 hour, most spins tournament, warlords a couple years ago. Balance stayed steady until the 23rd hour and I was comfortably ahead with a couple people chasing me, all looking good for £1500 prize.

Then, disaster, I hit the blue bonus.... stupid thing kept retriggering, 200+ spins - paid next to nothing and as it was a bonus round all the free spins combined counted as 1 spin. Sat there begging it not to retrigger, collecting the pittance wins, watching player after player overtake me on the leaderboard.

Ended up 6th for £75 prize. 24 hours wasted - well, not really wasted as I enjoy such things, never mind.

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