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{Evolution} Monopoly irregularities


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Hey, first time poster so I apologize if there is an issue with the formatting of this post. 

I wanted to get your opinion on something:

A few minutes ago on the game which occured at October 21st 2019 21:03 EDT, the second to last roll rolled a 3 and a 2, however instead the game played a 3 3 (a doubble 3) and rerolled.

Upon contacting the support they stated that a 5 rolled and a 5 was played.



Update:The lady just said they enter the numbers manually and the THEY can make mistakes. This seems easy to manipulate no?


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Easy to manipulate yes, but stupid to intentionally do so.

Its like alive roulette table, the dealer spins and puts the dolly on the winning number - it would be easy for the dealer to put the dolly on a different number. 99% percent of the time the customer is going to point it out, have seen a coupe instances over the years where it is a positive outcome for the customer so they keep quiet. Normally it is caught and rectified, but I know for a fact that occasionally it isn't noticed till its to late to do anything about.

You have it recorded so can you show us, that way we can rule out a stuck dice reroll.

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Its computer  and we all get errors  but it's how you deal with it. The fact in some cases  its bnot had plans in place to allow re roll, or other plans in place is ignorant  to the fact that thing can go wrong my advice  to evolution  is have plans in place but we need to accept things can mess up , and I'll tell you that it will continue  to have things mess up it will always happen. It's how you deal with it. putting a big production wheel with no back up plan is careless 

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