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How much longer are you got me to get away with the fake big win videos you post weekly on You Tube, it’s always the same affiliate streamers winning thousands on pounds or euros never busting out playing on crazy high stakes most wont confirm they are playing with real money. A lot of them get a matched bonus every time they play plus they are playing with normal players lost money.

The whole thing is totally immoral and presents such an unrealistic view of a gambling platform that can literally cost people everything, jobs relationships and in the worst case even somebody’s life there is literally no accountability from the big casinos at all its a complete an utter joke.

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Casinos exist

Alcohol exists

Smoking exists

Sugary foods exist

there is no shortage of activities advertised to us that enable us to destroy ourselves.

They don't exist because some evil force wants us to perish.

They exist because we ourselves seek them out and create the demand, we crave the distraction. 

Use your newfound enlightenment to avoid destroying yourself; Don't gamble, don't drink, don't smoke and eat healthy.

But you won't, because you love a pint, you crave the things that are not of benefit to you and you justify it to yourself-

something has happened recently which has made it harder for you to justify gambling.

Made it harder to convince yourself that it is harmless, that you are in control, as a result we get righteous indignation and external blame, but you know where the blame really lies and you will seek out another distraction so you don't have to endure the pain of the blame game.


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Majority I think would agree only use link if you dont have a problem gambling and can gamble responsible, so oif I was affiliate and someone said your low life, then my message to sign up gamble would show I wasn't asking for some to.sign up with my links who is irresponsible, hence only if you dont have a problem and can gamble responsible  do I want you to use my link .then I would also, have the piece of mind that only people who are gambling with fun are using my links if anyone had gambling problem I'd advise not to use my links then i also have piece of mind icve advised them to not use my link, this way no would have the right to go on at affiliate  because they didnt sell it to a problem gamble hence my example, sell your links and say dont use my link if your irresponsible  gamble or if you have problem gambling only use my link if you gamble for fun that way your responsibility is fine , I'm not affiliate but this seems a good way although business  would be effected 30%

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