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Unibet - shady business


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Hi All,

First and only post on here, just wanted to make you all aware (if you wasn't already) of how shady casino operators can be.

I placed the bet below for an in-play double when both games had around 25-30 mins left to play. 

At the time of placing the bet, the scores were:

1-1 for the Italian game (my bet was for over 2.5 goals at odds of 8/15)

2-2 for the Argentinian game (my bet was for over 4.5 goals at odds of 3/5)

Effectively this is a bet for there to be one more goal in each game, which is the type of bet I play a lot. It's also worth noting that not only did Unibet display the scores as 1-1 & 2-2, but the same score was being shown on bet365 and futbol24.

A few minutes after placing the bet I saw that the Italian game had a goal so I went to see what the current cashout value was. I was shocked to see a very low amount and realised straight away that the Argentinian live game score had been changed to 2-1. This meant that my bet on over 4.5 goals now needed 2 goals to win rather than the 1 goal more I had bet on.

I immediately went onto live chat and asked them to either honour the bet and pay out if one more goal was scored, or void the bet. Their system had clearly shown a live score of 2-2 when the bet was placed and the odds of 3/5 reflected that too (2 more goals in an Argentinian game with 30 minutes left would have far greater odds). The representative on the live chat simply said there was nothing he could do and he couldn't void anything.

Much arguing later, the Argentinian game finished 2-2 and instead of winning nearly £200 they treated my bet as lost. 

Look, I know casinos have every detailed term and condition under the sun to cover themselves for things like this, so please don't tell me it's my responsibility to check the accuracy of a live score etc. I checked 3 different sites who all stated it was 2-2 at the time the bet was placed. The simple fact is; Unibet allowed me to make a bet for there to be one more goal in a live game and then changed that bet to 2 more goals after it had been placed. This was not a transmission delay, their system allowed betting at that stated score and If they were not sure a goal had been scored they should have suspended betting on that game.

This is not about money, it's principle. I've withdrawn all my cash from Unibet and left there a nice £1,300 up so it's their loss and this sour taste could have been avoided really easily. The point is casinos like this (who I actually enjoyed playing with up till this point) will use every trick and shady policy in the world to cover themselves and cheat you out of your money given the chance. Enjoy the bad publicity Unibet, hope the small amount you stole is worth it.


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In the interest of fairness, Unibet have now got back to me and confirmed that the bet was placed while the score was erroneously displayed at 2-2 and have voided that leg of the double.

I'm still annoyed they haven't treated it as won as I made a bet for there to be one more goal in the game and that event occurred. It's arguable they've still cheated me out of an extra £90 but voiding it is in line with their terms and that's all I asked for when the error happened.

Would they have voided it and paid my money back if I didn't raise a claim with them? Absolutely not. Operators must make millions every year from 'errors' like this.

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