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Frank Casino delays vertification process and obviously doesnt want to pay out my winnings

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I registred on Frank casino just like 2 weeks ago, i made a few small deposits from Paysafecard, during that period i sent some documents which are usually requied by all other casinos to get vertifed (screen from bank acc., photo of ID, bill) but these was pending for days and did not get any email or info what else  should i upload.. i kept playing there, made another deposit and win 150 EUR that i wanted to cashout..when i tried to cashout to bank account,there wasnt possibility to do that so i contacted support. They told me i have to make neteller account and make a deposit with neteller to be able to withdraw there. I asked if i sent already all documents needen and then told me i have to make screenshot from neteller account to have all documents ready for full vertification and ability to withdraw my winnings. I did that and casino kept me waiting 24 hours for reply, then they wrote me i have to upload paper from bank which consists of "your address,
full name,your bank account number,seal of the bank and signature of the employee.". I went  instantly to my bank and showed them this email and they looked like that has no clue what should they do. They print me statement from bank account, i sent them additionaly also pdf from another bank account i got + official papers from bank which i got after i created my bank account years ago. 
I have no clue why they are asking for bank info while im making withdraw to neteller but fine,i thought everything will goes fine then, but after another 24 hours i received another email, where they asking me for inreasonable questions like "What are your annual earnings?" , "Do you own your residential property?" ,etc. I have been never asked questions like this but its already 5 days after i sent them documents, when i contact customer support they always tells me wait 24 hours, after that 24 hours im always asked for some other no-sense docs.
I have send them already: photo of id, photo of driving license, bank bill, 3 documents from bank, screenshots from neteller and casino is still delaying the vertification process and obviously doesnt want to pay out my winnings.
Askgamblers, I kindly ask you for help to get my winnings out from this fishy casino, thanks.

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UPDATE: after all that hassle they asked me to send photos of my credit card (even if i did not make ANY deposit with credit card there).
I asked on customer support if thats last document i have to upload to get vertifed finally, they answered me "Yes."
25 hours after i uploaded it i received mail with info they cant vertify my credit card as i have no signature on back side of the card!
I told them that i received credit card without signature after my old card expired and bank didnt ask me for "signature" thing.
They are obviously trying to delay the withdraw process most as its possible and fabricate new obstacles every single day.
I dont see any sense, why i was even asked for photos of credit card if i did not make any deposit with it?
Im going to bank 2rd time this week just because of this vertification hassle to make that signature and im expecting another and another hassle EXCATLY after 24 hours after i upload photos of my credit card again.

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Dear hujerslovakia,

Can you please write your contact details to me in private messages if the problem is still relevant to you.
Based on your explanations, you have come under the control of AML to eliminate the risk of fraud in accordance with the requirements of the MGA license.

Frank Casino Team

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I also played in this casino and I tell you that I am very disappointed, with the € 50 I had I lost them very quickly, the winnings are very poor, at € 0.80 I played 5 minutes and lost everything, obviously I am not lucky or but it’s something else, I know their goal is to give as little as the player gets. I wish good luck to all the players

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