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Hand Written Confirmation?


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Recently I accidently deposited from my partner's bank account on Unibet and my account got frozen right away. I've been through the whole verification process years ago, but now to make things right I have to write them a hand written apology letter, telling them it won't happen again. For me, this raised a lot of question marks. I have never ever heared anything about hand written letters, nor could I find anything even remotely close to it on Google. Why does it have to be a hand written letter, can any of you explain that to me?

For those wondering how I could accidently deposit from the wrong bank account: Our personal bank accounts are linked to our shared bank account. When making a payment with Trustly you have to log in first (which I did with my own bank card). After that you have to select which bank account you want to use from a drop-down menu. And you guessed it, I chose the wrong one without realising it on time. 

Thanks in advance!

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8 hours ago, mosmagic said:

If your eager to keep playing there well then bow to their demands and provide a bank statement stating and proving that it was simply a mistake showing your linked accounts. 

I've been through that stage, the only option for me is the hand written apology letter. And yes, I feel like they're taking the piss, which is why I reached out for some advice. 

I like their sportsbook because it has a bit more options than other online casinos, which is why I wanted to stay at Unibet. Only other site that can compare (as far as I know) is MrGreen, but having some other issues there. I guess I'll have to take another look.

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Seems odd, but I've seen weirder things. Back in the day on the Microgaming poker network players could get banned for abusive chat. If the player would reach out to the operator to be unbanned, MG would request a written apology from the player stating they would never do that behaviour again.

I don't know, just seems kinda childish really...

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