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First Wager ever completed! (BIG WIN CLIPS)


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So ive successfully managed to complete my first wager! i was playing on WILDZ last night for 7 hours i took a 100+100 x35 wager req and was actually doing terrible. with my raw funds (non sticky btw) i bought 4 cheap bonuses 0.40Cad stake. gambled them all lost them all first spin. played the final one without gambiling it won 5$ bought 80$ Bonus on Sweet Bonanza literally only won the money from getting the bonus (3$) needless to say i was sad i thought it was all over went to Rise of olympus to finish me off. This is where it all starts.

this post might be kinda long but i wanted the beginning of it to be known i was down to $27 at one point. ill post the links for the entire stream best highlights of the night.

Also shameless plug i gamble on twitch.tv/Vzoo if u wanna hop in i try to stream everyday or when i can afford to lose the money! come say whats up thanks. (all links are twitch clips from last nights stream)

 The Beginning Save

Sweet Bonanza Redeeming itself

The White rabbit strikes

Razor Shark says screw a bonus.

First time in the Danger zone

Merlin still didnt give me a Bonus

I Let the Dogs out (Doghouse)

Santa was Fed this day. (Fat Santa)

Extra Juicy giving me that Juice

Thats pretty much all we got from last night if i seem like im overreacting its becuase i dont normally play 1$ Bets so even when i win like 45$ i get super happy. Hope you all enjoy and sorry if the link names are confusing! also thanks to the people who hopped in my stream last night from my other CG Post. hopefully theres more to come!








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