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Lil Devil or Lil F**ker...?


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The issue is that people see the Heartstopper bonus as a must-pay-massive just because it takes long to collect them all, its not supposed to be this. 
Its designed as an EXTRA bonus every now and then, and the majority of big wins will probably still come from the normal bonuses

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I dont like the game personally as I don't find the base game pays very well nor will I play a game where I'd have to play hundreds of pounds for the chance of a 'possible' decent bonus. I don't see the value in that myself. Even if you use 0.30 or 0.40,as I would,I'd spend hundreds of pounds and could be out of pocket by that amount by the time I'd reached all the hearts filling up. I think its a game thats ideal for streamers but not great for the average punter. It could be done on 0.10 or 0.20 spins of course but that stake is even too low for me to enjoy a slot with.

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