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So it also happend to me... Winnings voided, CrazePlay.com


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Hello all!

I’m a long time online casino player and stream lurker. 

So i read topic of people who bet over max bet and get their winnings voided. But I played Reactoonz, a game that was restricted from wagering. And all my winnings where voided. On all casino’s i play your money is not available for games that are restricted, or they don’t at to the wager     i never thought it would happend to me. And it is a lot of money. And I didn’t even win on Reactoonz

Any thoughts guys? Has this ever happend to you? Should casino’s warn you better, like max bet pop up? This feels like stealing when you finally do get a cashout. 


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2 hours ago, gjerken said:

That's a Nightmare. You should'be able to play them, when you have a bonus. I allways check the list in the terms. Something you probablly wil from now.

 Yes I always check the terms, because of all the nightmare stories. Mostly for the max bet rules, or max cashout on bonus.


But to check this every time you play a game is bit insane isn't it ? If it doesn't contribute to the wager I understand, but voiding all winnings..... 

Something has to be done on this scam, like most casino already have in place, when there's no money in your balance when playing a game that is bannend while bonus is active.


1 hour ago, TheManbearpig said:

in most of casinos max bet rule is on when bonus is active

Yes, but this is not about the max bet rule, which I can understand.

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