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Huge win on Bonanza 22 spins £5 bet **Must Watch**


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Just over 1000 x stake isnt bad for 22 spins but this is bonanza and a max of 20 000 x stake on offer on these high bonus multipliers are hard to land a bonus over 1500 x stake. That's about average for a decent win what you hit with just one hit on the red symbol with so many spins. So many people are saying the same. It doesn't produce like the new big time gaming games. I uploaded an actual 27 bonus spin trigger on my channel 3 months ago with 3 plus 5 symbols on top of the GOLD and it didnt pay anywhere near 1000 x the last 2 years play it seems mostly disappointing compared to most of the other games. Just too hard. Play lil devil. It's much much better than bonanza and can pay monsters. Its paid me over 2000 x twice already in its first week of release!

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