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Double whammy 1900x and 2500x within hours


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Took 30 free spins on jammin jars with a deposit at dunder on wednesday and hit my first ever monster on this slot, was gutterered it happened in free spins but figured atleast i'v got alot of playtime at decent stakes. Wagering was 9500.


After wagering 2k and holding my balance at 300 by some miracle i decided to play with my missus and play her fav slot "Georgie porgie rhyming reels" (it always pays her yet hates me) anyway we get a shit bonus that pays nothing and she says you wait the big wins coming now and sure enough bonus drops a few spins later and 2 spins in we hit full gorgie with wild...2500x.


Made wagering litterally as i hit 3k balance remaining after getting it to nearly 4k then ripping hard for the last session.  Happy days.

(Missus has claimed 1k bonus as "she won it" regardless of having nothing to do with the wager ?)




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