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WARNING part 2


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Hello to all ,you all may remember my last post about Dream Smasher and the consequences of chasing losses.Today on 15/07/2017 just few moments ago i recived a terrible news from poland,unfortunetly my beloved Grandmother past away as most of u now grandmothers are like moms to some of us and care for us spoilng us and helping along with the mom and dad ,my one was verry special i never been a good kid always was getting in to troubles with law ,school and many more ,she was always there for me to give me her support help and the most LOVE........but now im filling like a right asshole do to the fact that i recently lost all my savings and have no founds right now i cant afford tthe ticket to fly back home for the FUNERAL ..............................................By righting this post wich is not easy wright now but i needed to sher the emotions with someone  I am once again letting every one now what are the real consequences of gamble and how devastaitng it can be so please GAMBLE always the money that u can afford,plan the budget for the games treat as fun not money making business and listen to all CG streamers they also now what is like to lose big way but also they have  a lot of experience and good advises  that can make a big different in making your own decision of trying gambling

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