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Bonanza WTF?? I'm done


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450 spins for a bonus and I didn't even win my betsize back, what the actual fuck is this.

This bonus takes way to much time to get, I think BTG should make it possible to quickspin in Bonanza, this bonus takes so much time to get it actually sucks the fun out of the slot

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Wow man, winning less than 1x is probably more "difficult" than winning 500x+. Not that that gives any comfort :(

Agree that the bonus is sliiightly too difficult to trigger, but my experience is that quite often the base game is treating me quite nicely, allowing for many spins to chase it in.

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Yes, the basegame is actually pretty good on Bonanza, this is a great slot for wagering as you can keep a steady balance for a long time, but in the end it's mainly the bonus I'm looking for, would be great if it was possible to quickspin/stopspin so you didn't have to wait 1 hour for the bonus every time. 

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I feel you man! Damn that is some unlcuky bonus. I know it's no comfort, but i've had a lot of crappy bonuses in bonanza myselfe. Like, you spin 500 + spins, fianally hit a bonus, even a +5 bonus! you think this is gonna bring me back to profitland, and it pays 10x.

I've had soooo many of thos 1x-10x bonuses i bonanza, but i've also have some very nice ones, which still makes it worth playing that slot, we all know it's potenzzziaaaale.

For me i have the same in immortal romance. I've had about 8-10 wild desires, and only ONE paid 25x, the rest 0-2x. One evening during 30 minutes, i had 4 wild desire, none of the hit more than 2x. can you belive it :)

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