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Another Big win on Rise of Merlin


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To win that tournament you have to 1 line bet and gamble your win, I got up to 2400 with gambles and went for the 1/4 which would have put me at the top score but missed:D oh well, next time.

basically you need to win a 1 in 4 chance 4 or 5 times in a row, if after a couple of 1 in 4 chances your win is between 825x and 1249x then you do the 1 in 2 and then the 1 in 4.

The odds of pulling of the above are 1 in 1024, or 1 in 512 if the figures dictate you need a double.

Sound risky? not really, you play 1 line £0.01 coin value. £0.01 bet per spin qualifies.

I tried for 6 hours to do it but it didn't pan out, lost like 50 quid.

I got up to 2200x with 1 gamble to go, if I picked the right suit it'd would have given me a score in the tournament of 8800x which is 880000 points, which would have put me in first for £1500 from a £0.01 bet.

So much added value.

As you can see, J.V did this on Unibet, Bingo.com and another site on their network, probably Maria casino if that is still operating in non-uk region;


131 payout x4 =524, x4=2096, x4=8384

needed three x 1/4 gambles for first.

30 payout x4 = 120, x4 = 480, x4 = 1920, x4 = 7680

needed four 1/4 gambles for 2nd

25 payout x4 = 100, x4 = 400, x4 = 1600, x4 = 6400

needed four 1/4 gambles for 3rd/4th place.


The only score not divisible by 2 or 4, all the way down to an actual payout, is the guy in 6th place.

This is the only way you can win any tournament with playngo games that have the gamble feature.


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