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Evolution gaming blackjack shortcut hotkeys


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I was playing Blackjack for fun. I place only 2 or 1 pound bet (not huge money) and won. I then tried to type into chat to the dealer... "ty for the luck, see ya later)
I look up to see almost my full balance at the time placed as a bet without me knowing.  Like wtf i said, tried to cancel it, but it was too late. I said to the dealer straight away, what that the hell... i didn't place that bet!! I was then forced into playing the hand, as she said all she could do was send a message to support team. I was so pissed off.
Listen to this, i am playing 10 years Blackjack and this is the first time i have been told about shortcut Hotkeys. They are in the HELP section with rules and so on explained there too. I have never pressed hotkeys option as i didn't want them. 
I was told by support i placed the bet using space bar... which they say is a hotkey shortcut to bet previous size bet i placed, then if i press it again it is doubled up. What type of retard would use space bar as a hotkey short cut on their software when chat to dealers is available and encouraged? I'm sorry, but this is actually complete madness. Furthermore, it should be ILLEGAL to do this, as the shortcuts are turned on by default with no way to turn them off. So because i didn't click to read about them as i didn't want to activate them , which i am also unable to actually do - is it is forced on all players as a default action ffs, i am told it is my fault.

If all this isn't bad enough, i was belittled and made to feel degraded by the dealer trying to make out like i was a tin foil hat wearer when i said it couldn't be a hotkey action if the message i typed was sent just before i send another stating i didn't place the bet. I explained somebody else has placed that bet quickly just before end of bets called. A third party and yes by this i mean them. I think they placed that bet the scum, because the message was sent, i have played near 10 years without knowing about this function and never had a problem. This leads me to believe it is a familiar occurrence with people placing smaller bets... as smaller bets are less likely to take court action. I have sat placing 1, 2, or even 500 per hand many times and usually play higher bets that what i placed without issue or even being aware hotkeys are on by default. I am going to the UKGC . I am here to see if this has happened to others? If so, what were you betting and how much did you have as a total balance? 

Before anyone says anything, yes the bet lost and yes i WOULD indeed still be here writing this even if it won. It is or should be against fair gaming regulation in the Uk to have such hotkeys when chat is available, with no way to turn them off and them being on by default , also!

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