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Conquestador Casino - Issues Withdrawing


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Hi All, 

I wrote to make a complaint with Conquestador Casino, powered by Mobinc as they froze my account shortly after asking for proof of income. This all happened hours after I tried to withdraw a decent amount of money from a deposit earlier that day. This is what I sent below and outlines the issues, however, no responses and online chat just say no updates at this time, 

I have been playing with Conquestador for several months, made many successful deposits and a few successful withdrawals. I have been asked for every document I can imagine over the time playing with Conquestador, and this is always when I ask for a withdrawal. I have been "fully verified" at least 3 times since playing there..... On Friday 31/05/2019 I managed to get my balance up to a withdrawable amount after a £135 deposit, I tried to withdraw to my verified withdrawal account, via trustly. However, this was rejected and the latest verification I have been asked for is proof of income, I provided my latest payslip no problem, I am in full-time employment and use my own funds to gamble. However, they have now opted to freeze my account as well as stop withdrawals advising that they sometimes take these measures while investigating. I asked why they have used the term investigating and the online chat team, mainly Sebastian and Charles advised that I have multiple devices in use, I said if you mean a work laptop, mobile, smart tv ect then yes, but this is all me on my account. They then advised I had another account under a gmail account …. This is not something I have at all, I have the one account and have always played on this. They thanked me for providing an explanation to their concerns and again have gone quiet again, with no updates or timelines available. The online chat feature is the only way to speak to them between 09.00 and 22.00, this team do not provide any updates or timelines, they just advise they pass on the messages and have to wait to hear back .... and no timescales can be provided.

This is really concerning and feels like they just do not want to pay out.

I would like a resolution on this matter imminently, there is no foul play on this account, everything is in order.


Any advise would be appreciated. 


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