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Frank & Fred, BTG Millionaire problem


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First I just want to say that I've never had any problem with Frank & Fred before and I've even told my friends about how amazing they're with payouts etc. At the 12th of April, last month a problem did occur though and I got the resolution of it today. A resolution I'm very disappointed in.

So, this is my story. I got 10 freespins (don't really remember at what game or exactly how much I won) and I manage to win between 10-20kr. I went straight away to Millionaire because of the potential and manage to get my balance up to 29kr before I got a really fast bonus. As you can see in the first picture, I got really lucky and managed to win 361kr. I understood something wasn't quiet right though. As you can see, the balance is at 253kr, even though I won 361kr (If you played BTG's before, you know that the money get transfered to the balance during the counting.). I guessed at first that it was just a visually bug and it would be there after I leave the game. Nope, still just 253. Tried to go to another slot and did a spin there just to see if it would update and nope, now the balance was on 251 instead.

I contacted the support with the problem straight away and they sent my an inquiry on my email. I asked if it was fine for me to continue play with the money I had left, which she agreed that it would be no problem for me to do that. I answered all the questions and just played the waiting game. I've heard before that when it's problem with the slots and not on their side, I could take a little bit longer ( and plus that it was around easter so I guessed that people would have some days off). After a month of waiting (15th of May) I got tired and talked with the support. Which the guy in the support tells me that they never got an email from me, which I thought was weird since I literally just pressed replied on it. So instead I got almost the same exact inquiry, which I answered almost the same as I did in the one before. I replied to it (just like it did, when it didn't work) and the day after (16th of May) I got an confirmation that they got my email.

Today, I got my last email from them. Where they said that I got the the correct amount of money back (388kr) and that it were no problem. I know for sure that it was incorrect to I went in to the "casino activity" section of the site and wanted to see what I says that Millionaire payed there. This is where it gets really weird. It doesn't say anywhere that I played Millionare that day, but as you can see in the second picture, my balance mysteriously went up from 1,2kr to 229kr. I want to believe that the fault is in the system and not on Frank & Fred themself, like I said in the beginning, I've never had any problem with them before and I truly enjoy to play on their site. That's why I'm making this post, I want some clarification why this happened (I truly don't think they're trying to scam me, since it's only about 10 euro's we're talking about here)



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