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Bonus Hunting


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There is no reputable casino which will give you 100% bonus every time. That would be unprofitable for them and actually very easy to abuse.  That is why casinos are extremely strict about one-account per person policy. The 1st deposit bonus is a marketing expense for them.

The best regular deals which I have found are 40%-50% weekly reload bonuses...for example in Bitstarz or Riobet.

I'm an expert on slot math and recently I did an extensive research on bonus-hunting topic including computer simulations on reverse-engineered slots. Let's assume high volatility bonus hunting strategy - that's when you don't convert every bonus but wait for big win to convert a lot of money to cover previous bonuses. If you get 100% bonus with 50x WR then you advantage depends on your bet size and you start being long-term profitable with bets higher than 1-5% of bonus+deposit value. If casino would give you 100% all the time that would be super-easy money.

40% bonuses are also abusable but you would have to bet per round at least 10% of bonus+deposit amount to make a profit. That would be relatively suspicious and it would often break max. bet rule in a casino. So you would have to take lower bonus and make lower profit. I guess that casino would exclude you from this promotion after a while when they see that you are taking just them. To be honest I haven't tried it yet.

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