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My biggest wins over the last months!


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and one more thing, I think old Netent machines with one line are bound to payout huge sometimes. But i dont know, it just feels that way O.o is there someone else play alot of netent one line and experience the same? I think its just interesting, like that secret of the stone hit, it just cant be random luck... 

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9 hours ago, David Labowsky said:

Damn! You don't mess around do you? Sweet selection of hits you got there!

You might be on to something on Netent.. Very interesting

Thanks David xD I know there is some degens spins here :$ Sometimes it pays some times you loose. #gamblerslife
Yeah, its interesting indeed! Casinoheroes does still have the old DoA so I can play one line on it, im gonna try this week to get something with one line on it, just to check.

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