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LeoVegas might be screwing me...


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so back in august 24 or 25th i wanted to play on Leovegas, i never had before because back in 2016 when i had just turned 18 and had no knowledge about casinos i had made an account on leovegas (i never deposited or played on the account)forgot about it, then a few months later made another account not remembering anotherone also not really knowing about any regulations about having more than one casino account one site (i never made a deposit on thisone either).A while later when i started watching streams i became aware of this regulation and didnt ever go back to Leo because i was aware that i could possibly face trouble because of this... Fastforward to the 24 or 25th of august 2018 i desided to try to logg in to one of these accounts and contact support if i could possibly play on one of these accounts if the other one is closed and i never made a deposit on eithere one either, and i had been in this exact position with Unibet before too and they were fine with this. So i sent support emails about this before i deposited and talked to this guy on Leovegas live support, and he assured that i could keep playing on this account with the otherone closed and i had to verify my account at ones,the guy personally verified them emidietly. He assured everything was fine for me to play now. (i still have the pics of this chat probably on my old phone that i took fearing they might try to pull some sh*t like this) So today after 1000-1500€ worth of deposits and no withdrawls later i get an email saying your account has been closed due to multiple accounts (i have 4 open sportsbets on, stakes worth about 120€ and they look like they might be winners on leosportsbetting) So Leovegas lied to me and has taken about 1500€ of my money. So if they choose to backpedal on what their support told me assuring that everything was okay, they better give me every penny back that ive deposited and they never had any intention of letting me withdrawl. Itll probably be my last gambling done on leo either way...I thought this site being a reputable casino and all wouldnt be trying to do some crap like this. 

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Do you have printscreens or saved copies of the chats you had with LeoVegas support? 

If you do, I would start with contacting Kim and see what threads he can pull for you. 
In these cases you feel pretty small. The casinos don't give a sh*t about 1 or 2 players, sadly. 

It's very important to save and have pictures of all chats one have with agents/email and so on. Take it as a future advice. 
A picture says more than a thousand words. 
I would have been screwed over numerous times If I did not have proof saved and In the casino industry this is extra important since it's a little bit shady overall. 

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It does sound peculiar indeed, and not at all in line with the way these cases normally play out, we'll get a leo rep to contact you and investigate. 

If it's the way you describe I'm confident it will be fine and there's just been some miscommunication somewhere.

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20 hours ago, JohanLeoVegas said:

Hey @Akuli98 I've replied on DM with a resolution. 

Due to the nature of the issue I can't go into details on it in the thread but I hope you are satisfied with resolution. 

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about it.



Hi! thank you for your help, and the refunding of the deposits is fair!

ive sent the proper documents for the refund to take place to support, do you know/could you possibly check if the money has been sent to me?

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