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Bonanza rigid


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Guys i just want to ask i was playing  bonanza at leo vegas im down about €600 euro anyway im betting between 5/10 sometimes 20  i started winning first for about 400 then im down by 600 i was betting 10 and my money is just around 30 euro when i hit the free apin GOLD for 12 free spina i was excited it is my first time to get a free spin for 10 euro at bonanza anyway for those 12 spins , you know how much i won?   A big fat 0 nothing not even 3 9 or anything is that possible?  I would understand if i won like 2 euro or 5 euro but not having a single small win makes me wonder if leovegas is fair.

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That is the reason why is it possible to win so big on a game like bonanza, i also hate the 0x win. But i also had it two times and feels so bad.

I know just me being unlucky but never made a withdraw on leovegas so also feel they were unfair, but i know just me. In a rage quit i self excluded myself from their site in denmark, and there is so many other sites to play at i dont regret it. But even i i never won and like to call them ripvegas when i watch some streaming, i still belive they are fair. But i think when a site is that big, there will me more people to loose than on other sites. 

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I was playing casumo since 9pm uk time till 11am I kept hitting bonuses like there was no tomorrow after an initial deposit of £60 cashed out £1357 plus upped a few levels, I looked at my wagering for my session it was £4985 it was a crazy run I had a base game hit of £256 and £154 I think I must of hit 30+ bonuses however none gave me the +5 lol 

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