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11 minutes ago, masseyspins said:

Has anyone played on the site " Casino Cruise" ? I am having problems withdrawing £1,900 from the site.

Assistance would be greatful 

Hey. If you didn't break any rules, I would suggest filling a complaint on AskGamblers or Casinomeister. A quick search about this casino will tell you that you're not the only one having troubles. Perhaps if you explain your situation in detail we could provide you with best course of action.

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I am having problems withdrawing £1,900 from the site. I deposited £50 with a 150% bonus, then wagered through it all (£3,000 wagering). I have now got a pending withdrawal and have sent my documents in , but had no reply. I haven't broken any terms and conditions , and have not gone over the £5 spin limit. Any help would be great. I made a post just on Ask Gamblers. I can't see how they can't pay me the cash to be fair. Seems like i'm not the only one having issues with them. Hopefully it gets resolved.

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There was an interview with this Norwegian gambling addict that almost destroyed his life with gambling, he had been gambling on this site. Turns out they'd been sending him all sorts of gifts and a lot of free money to keep him playing at their casino even though he had blown away hundreds of thousands. When the reporter called the casino and confronted them with this they ended up hanging up on him. 

My point here is that this casino seems sketchy, I would stay away from it. 

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When I gambled there I won a huge ammount. they took forever slowing things down never really wanting to pay out the money week after week went they wanted documents and all kinds of stuff and everything was just wrong.

After a few months I got it declines due to breaking the rules because I had made 10€ spin on reel rush but the thing Is I did thoose spinns after I had made the withdrawal and overall I think their casino is rubbish also is their sister casino wich I have had tons of trouble with aswell in the past.

Stay away from them is my idea.

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Any news about the withdrawals? 

I just went online to their chat and closed my account.. Never won anything there anyways so why take a risk if they have problems with withdrawls 

They didn't like the reason for closing my account... Told them that the reason was that they have problems paying out winnings.. 


Tervetuloa Casino Cruiseen
RileySupport Agent

RileyHei! Yksi miehistömme jäsenistä on kanssasi hetken kuluttua ja palvelee sinua ilomielin

Hello! My name is Riley and I am your Casino agent. How may I help you?

MeevilPlease close my account here..

RileyI am sorry to hear you want to close it




Can i ask the reason you wish to close your account ***?

MeevilSure... Read on a forum that you have problems with paying out winnings..

And players recommend that nobody plays on this casino.

RileyWe don't have any issue paying out winnings. We obviously follow procedures as far as getting the relevant identifcation from a player before we pay out larger sums just like other casinos

sometimes this can be an issue for players and they get frustrated

MeevilThe problem is that there are a few players that have had problems... And I trust that group of gamblers, we all know the procedures and so on..

RileyI understand where you are coming from

MeevilAnd if they recommend closing the account then I'll close it..

Rileyno problem at all, i will now put your account on withdraw only so you cannot deposit and play and will send to the relevant team to be closed within 24 hours




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