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Big Win and Bug on Dragon's Fire Slot


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What's up guys

I did hit almost fullscreen of best symbol on Dragon's Fire Slot. 

When counting the win, the slot bugged and I Had to reload it. 

Please check the pics. 

The bet was 0.60 and I won 61.20 (102 x).

Is the Win ok for you guys or did I miss some cash when the slot did reload ? 

Cheers guys 



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Hi there superfrenchy, it may be right it may be wrong. 

Choices, 1, contact the casino and ask them to check it out thourally  for you. 

2, it may be a slot game with big sweeping amounts of the same symbol on a reel. And because these types of slot games roll in full screens or near enough more frequently the payout is generally lower. Another slot game like that is HAUL OF HADES, It has sweeping amounts of symbols on the reels and they drop in more. They pay less because it happens more. 

3, when things like this happen, the slot game does have the amount won in your balance when you reload the game up. I'm thinking it may be correct superfrenchy the winning amount because the reels do look to have stacked symbols. Just my gut feeling.

4, I may be wrong in my assessment and you should always seek a second opinion and ask the casino to check it through thourally. 

5, to go deeper would be to seek out the slot provider and sometimes they can play a part in helping clear up a glitch/bug/freeze on one of there slot games. 

6, I hope I am wrong superfrenchy on my gut opinion of the payment being correct and after its looked at I hope you get paid more. 

I have tried to give you some help on your problem. Good luck and I hope you get it sorted and it's a positive result. 

Craig Smith. 

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