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I Love ?Chili? Happy moment win. Round 7


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@Renzo778 well done renzo. You like extra chilli and so do i. Its very volatile but very dangerous on that gamble wheel. It can be very bad at times.

Playing a 50 forint stake, about 0.20 euro you have hit a beauty of a bonus winning 72,440 forint, almost 225 euro. Very nice renzo.

Reaching x30 on the multiplyer is big and having 28 spins to go at it with is a fair amount.

Overall congratz on your win renzo and enjoy your winnings.??.

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Thank you very much :) Sometimes it is a very dangerous gamble to risk. 
My method is that if I can not shoot at least 16 spins at 3x, then I will not play with him anymore!
I usually give up 3 chances.
I really love chill but it can be dangerous too! I wish many beautiful prizes for everyone who plays with him!

I wish you good luck  :) ????????????


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