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2889x on magic mirror deluxe 2


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@Steffe55 absaloutly awesome steffe and thanks for posting it up. Amazing what slots can do when they really go. And you have caught a beauty of a bonus.

90 spin bonus on magic mirror deluxe 2, retriggers galore, 8 of them, every symbol in play. I bet it was great to watch it play out and it was an hour well spent. 

1 hour for the whole bonus to play out. Must be the longest in slots. Maybe book of God's can do the same but yourself steffe playing a 10 sek stake, 1 euro bet size and winning a total of 28,995 sek, nearly 2900 euro. 

A very nice mornings work. Big congratz steffe and enjoy the winnings. Beautiful bonus. 90 spins. Wow! ??

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