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i asked them why i could not log in , they advised i needed to reset all the passwords on dunder , i asked why this was , the lady told me that there was a MALWARE attack from various IP addresses in europe , i asked why were we not all told about this , they said they are notifying everyone affected individually , 

i asked what risk there was they did not give me an answer , what you all have to do if you are unable to log in , is do a password reset , eventually they will send you a 4 digit code to input once logged in , it is suggested that you ALL change all your email passwords , and also change all your dunder passwords .

i am waiting on a response from them to see what compensation they are going to give players for the inconvenience .

if you have been affected by this issue then please be advised that as far as i have been told there has been no access gained by anyone to your personal details .

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Official response from dunder


Hope you are well.

We want to apologise for blocking your account temporarily. We have done this to take some safety measures because we have recognised more accounts log in from the same IP address as you. We understand that IP addresses can be shared or recycled but we want to be safe and do the most to protect your account. We have seen a rise of attempts to log in on accounts lately and we have identified these attempts to mainly be by brute force (trying to log in by trying several different passwords) but it could also be that the wrongdoers have gotten their hands on your details from malware or another site or something similar.

For your security, we have implemented a 2-step authentication for you, this means that you will receive a verification code to your mobile when you log in to your Dunder account.

Your account will be active again in the next few hours but if you have any further issues then please let us know.'

If you have not already done so, we would recommend that all players change their password on their email account as well as their Dunder account. To change your password at Dunder, this can be done at www.dunder.com/forgot-password.

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i tried login to dunder i had that 4 digit thingy went to my Web.de Mail tried login does not work...tried Reset Password old Recovery email and old Phone Number fuck.  tried contact via phone 4 times no going just Hangs up After 2 min.   each Call costs 3.99 bah Never going to use that email Provider again i sent them a Mail both dunder and email Provider sucks all my casinos netflix Paypal and Games run on that email.    ...

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ok i got sorted with dunder  ...if you habe been affected and reset the password etc they may ask you for photo id for further verification... you will need to get your photo i.d take a picture of the i.d next to your face with the i.d in FULL view so no corners etc are hidden ...send them to verify@dunder.com .... they will send you confirmation .... you can disable the 4 digit code once logged back in ..they have closed chat to get everyone on this issue and i have been told NO details were obtained by anyone so all safe    ..any pending withdrawls will be processed once verification completed   took me 7 days so hang in there guys

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