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streamer gone


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for those who don't know DuoSlots has stopped gambling and released a video explaining that he doesn't enjoy it anymore and self excluded himself. This is a pretty big step forward for a popular casino streamer to realise when enough is enough and take the big decision to stop. 

He is now doing these slot reviews that are actually really funny and pretty cool for a slot review which are generally boring. I recommend checking them out.

part of youtube being fuckers to every streamer in this was part reason why him/most streamers are gone, on youtube isn't it sad that the real streamers get banned yet the fakes and fake channel remain.


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I've been away for a month and catching up with things and it's sad to see how YouTube have fucked things up for so many streamers.

Pleased that DuoSlots has taken the decision to stop gambling after recognising the signs, and had the honesty to address it publicly. ?

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Cheers, Yeah YouTube are just making thing impossible. Thanks for the kind words guys. 

My channel has changed slightly as I am no longer Casino Streaming, if anyone fancies checking out my new channel that would be cool. I have only recently started doing them so any support would be awesome.


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