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Danger High Volatile


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Hey guys - i was playing some slots last night and i hit this monster... i REALLY want to get a replay, so i can record it.. since i was on my phone while it happened :(

If anyone has any info on how to contact BTG, or get a replay of my bonus, it would be greatly appreciated. I have contacted the casino i was playing on, but they say its sadly not possible. 

On a side note, is this one of the highest Danger High Voltage X's you've seen? I've only seen one higher.


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@Kpamo wow!!. That is an absaloute monster of a win and more so because of the stake you were playing.

Playing a 10 dkk stake, about 1.30 euro a spin. Winning 62,972.50 dkk, about 8395 euro"s. Awesome kpamo.

Treat yourself to something nice and enjoy the winnings. Well done.??.

Maybe @Big Time Gaming official Can take a look and see if the rep can get you a playback of this win. I hope he picks this message up. Good luck.?.

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